Pedagogy of the design option

The teaching of design at isdaT gives access to fields of knowledge that deal with all contemporary societal contexts and promotes openness in a wide variety of practices, whether they are focused on research or various professional practices.

Using a trans-disciplinary mode, social, political and economic issues are developed and centred around “the human” and the notion of “manufacturing”. The teaching of design is no longer limited to the only traditional fields of object and space, but seizes on decisive concepts and issues that are currently in hot debate. It develops a corpus of reflections, methodologies and tools, both scientific and critical, which probe the conditions of existence (local/global/glocal), and the individual’s state of being in the world. When associated with related (art, architecture, urban planning, landscaping…) or not so related (biology, neuroscience…) disciplines, it brings about thoughts on proven, emerging or prospective uses, which question notions of scale, temporality and savings and make it possible to experiment with various materials and production methods.

Degrees offered

Diplôme National d’Art (bac + 3), (equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts)

Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (bac + 5), (equivalent to a Master’s degree)

more photos
Restitution du workshop "La Rue" avec Fabien Cappello, lycée Françoise, Tournefeuille
Le plein & le vide, workshop design avec Franck Fontana et les étudiants en année 1 à l'isdaT, mars 2019
Journées Portes Ouvertes de l'isdaT © Franck Alix, février 2019
Pauline Roux, DNSEP option design 2019. Photographie © Franck Alix
DNSEP design d'Aurélie Berthelon, juin 2017 © Franck Alix, isdaT Toulouse
DNSEP design d'Aurélie Berthelon, juin 2017 © Franck Alix
Fanny Joly, DNAP design, juin 2014
Yixuan Peng, DNSEP design, juin 2014
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