Preparatory class and Technical Proficiency Examination – EAT

EAT Preparatory Class

Admission Requirements

Admissions by audition (be 18 years old in December of the application year) subject to the number of available places. A technical level is required.

Registration and tuition fees

The registration fee for the exams and entrance audition is 54 euros. The tuition fees for initial training amount to 240 euros for the year 2024-2025 (100 euros for scholarship holders), to which the cost of CVEC, the civil liability insurance and the registration fees for the Conservatory of Montauban must be added (265€ for the year 2024-2025).

More information on scholarships, grants and insurance.

 Application Dates and Deadlines

  • From March 17 to May 15, 2025: online pre-registration
  • End of May 2025: audition
  • Early June 2025: results.

EAT Examination

Applications for the EAT in 2025 for the options of classical, contemporary and jazz dance will be opened from September 2024 until November 2024. The documents should be collected from the DRAC of the candidate’s place of residence, or downloaded from the Ministry of Culture website.

Please note: any document which is incomplete or submitted after the closing date officially announced by the Ministry of Culture, postmark being taken as proof, will not be admissible.

Nature and content of the tests, method and procedure of the examination

The EAT is split in 2 phases:

  • Remotely for the 1st eligibility phase + video.
  • Physically for the 2nd admission phase.

EAT candidates can find the application conditions and the order of exam in the descriptive guide, published by the Ministry of Culture on their website at the opening of registration, as well as the links to the imposed variations.

Application Requirements

The application documents are to be collected from the DRAC of the candidate’s place of residence, or to be downloaded from the Ministry of Culture website. Requests for exemptions must be addressed to the DRAC of the candidate’s place of residence.

Application and Examination Dates and Deadlines

Registration from September / October, 2024.

The EAT 2025 is split in 2 phases:

  • 1st phase of remote eligibility: submission of the digital file.
  • 2nd face-to-face admission phase: tests at the École Nationale de Danse de Marseille.

Find more details and information about the EAT 2025 on the Ministry of Culture website.


  • Marie-Laure Vanderbeken, EAT and educational secretary — — +33 (0)5 31 47 19 42


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