Commitment and values

The isdaT is equally a working and a living community. The shared spaces, places of conviviality, tools and values aim to mirror the commonalities found within a society. Water, energy, materials and supply chains are as much subjects of teaching as they are daily civic practices.

The isdaT upholds these principles and communicates them through good practices related to equality and the fight against discrimination. Our institution is very committed to the prevention of and the fight against sexism and discrimination, as in ecological and social approaches and does not consider its training as independent of these values, which are as educational as the teaching itself.

Another important issue for the isdaT is that of its openness and diversity, whether social or geographic. The metropolis of Toulouse and its surrounding region are a place of mixing, migration, initiatives which will be more closely reflected in our institution. The isdaT is particularly active in the Collège de France’s “PAUSE” programme, which involves hosting teaching artists with refugee status as a part of the teaching team during the academic year.

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