Facilities for our graduates

Several schemes have been developed within the isdaT and in partnership to support graduates in their professional career: creation of a database of portfolios, relaying calls for applications to graduates, support for individual or collective projects, alumni association in the isdaT research programs, graduate exhibitions, residencies and shared projects with partners.

Facilities for all of our graduates

Residency at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris

As part of the City of Toulouse’s support for emerging artists, studio residency at the Cité internationale des arts de Paris is made available to an isdaT graduate for one year. A call for applications is launched for graduates to benefit from this residency, which enables the recipient to be supported in their project by the isdaT and Cité teams, to develop their network and to create professional opportunities.


— 2022 : Joaquin Ernesto Ortega, DNSPM guitar in current amplified music graduate, 2021 and Thibault Gaudry, DNSEP art graduate, 2021
— 2021 : Marion Lebbe, DNSEP art graduate, 2017
— 2018 : Marine Boustie, DE musique and DNSPM graduate, 2018
— 2017 : Antonin Detemple, DNSEP art graduate, 2016 & Liza Maignan, DNSEP graphic design graduate, 2016
— 2015 : Vincent Lalanne & Chloé Munich, DNSEP art graduates, 2011.

Call for applications

2023 Cité des arts residency (in French)

Sortie d'écoles, to the Ateliers Tropisme in Montpellier

MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain – MO.CO. Esba and the institut supérieur des arts et du design de Toulouse – isdaT are partnering with the Halle Tropisme, Montpellier, as part of Sortie d’écoles, a new residency program for the professional integration of young graduates. The program is supported by Drac Occitanie, which aims to perpetuate the presence of young artists in the Occitanie Region and strengthen the artistic dynamic of the territory.
Throughout the year, from December 2021, young artists trained in these two art schools of the Region, will benefit from a residency and a studio for 4 months. This scheme will enable them to have their first experience creating under professional conditions within a rich and diversified artistic, cultural and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A graduate from each school will be selected to carry out the first 4-month residency, from December 2021 to March 2022. They will have a 40m² studio at the Ateliers Tropisme and a residency grant of € 2,000 (including fees, production, expenses) at their disposal. They will receive professional support on artistic, cultural and administrative levels (status, copyright, etc.).
Discussions with art professionals and public presentations of works (exhibitions, publishing, meetings, etc.) will be organized during the residency period by the three partners of the project.

The young artists will benefit from the infrastructure of the premises, as well as the possibility of collaboration with other artists and collectives present at the Tropisme studios and at the MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain.


— 2022 : Aria Rolland, DNSEP art graduate, 2020 & Hsing Fu Chung, DNSEP art graduate, 2019
— 2021 : Pacôme Ricciardi, DNSEP art graduate, 2021.

Call for applications

2021 residency (in French)

Facilities for graduates in art, design and graphic design

Support for research programs

Each year, several graduates are involved in the institute’s research programs, benefiting from time spent with the teams, sharing with students, access to studios and visibility.

Here are a few examples:


Alumni exhibition

As a tertiary institution, the isdaT is a higher education establishment whose responsibilities go beyond the issuance of diplomas. It must be involved in social life, committed to the lifelong training of students, before and after graduation, as well as concerned about their future and the prospects of the training it offers. With this in mind, the isdaT has set up an exhibition for its graduates, with partner venues, in order to offer them visibility of their work to the general public and to expose them to the professional world.

2020-2021 alumni exhibition: Il faut qu’une porte soit ouverte ou fermée at the Pavillon Blanc in Colomiers and the art center Le Lait in Albi.

HORIZONS, artist-in-residence program at Maisons Daura (Lot)

HORIZONS is a program proposed by MAGCP / Maisons Daura in partnership with art schools in the Occitanie region: the isdaT in Toulouse, MO.CO.ESBA in Montpellier, ESAD Pyrénées in Tarbes and Pau, the ESBAN in Nîmes. Its objective is to support young graduates in a new professional experience at Maisons Daura in Saint-Cirq Lapopie (Lot). MAGCP welcomes four young artists for a 6-week research residency. This residency includes a meeting with the public as well as a possible restitution at the end of the residency, to be formalized according to the projects.


— 2022 : Marion Lebbe, DNSEP art graduate 2017
— 2021 : Socheata Aing, diplômée DNSEP art 2019
— 2020 : Louis Dassé, diplômé DNSEP art 2018
— 2019 : Julie Saclier, diplômée DNSEP art 2015
— 2018 : Laura Rives, diplômée DNSEP art 2014
— 2017 : Benjamin Paré, diplômé DNSEP art 2014

Call for applications

2022 HORIZONS residency (in French)

Mulhouse biennial

The Mulhouse Biennial ensures the representation of young contemporary French and European creation and also promotes the understanding of contemporary artistic disciplines among novice and specialist audiences. The premise of the event is to bring together all European art schools around an exhibition, in order to ensure representation and promotion, on a national and international scale, on the sidelines of one of the most prestigious events. of Europe, Art Basel. Thus, the Bienniale offers art schools the opportunity to choose one of their graduates to represent them. The isdaT therefore offers its graduates the opportunity to respond to a call for applications. A selection jury will decide on a recipient, who will receive a production grant for their participation in the Biennial.


— 2021 : Romane Laillet, DNSEP art graduate, 2020
— 2019 : Cassandre Fournet, DNSEP art graduate, 2017
— 2017 : Natalya Kebalo, DNSEP art graduate, 2015
— 2015 : Benjamin Paré, DNSEP art graduate, 2014

Residency and exhibition Post_Production by Frac OM

Dedicated to the professional and artistic integration of young graduates, the Post_Production program is offered by the art schools of Montpellier (MO.CO Esba), Nîmes (Esban), Pau-Tarbes (ÉSAD des Pyrénées) and Toulouse (isdaT), in partnership with the FRAC Occitanie Montpellier (Frac OM).

Post_Production involves supporting four young graduates of the DNSEP from these institutions as part of a course related to the professional world of art. This includes a period of plastic production and an exhibition time. This support consists of a critical exchange and a collective exhibition proposal.

— 2022 : Sarah Van Melick, DNSEP art graduate, 2019
— 2021 : Cassandre Fournet, DNSEP art graduate, 2017
— 2020 : Hugo Bel, DNSEP art graduate, 2016
— 2019 : Ludovic Salmon, DNSEP art graduate, 2018
— 2018 : Rébecca Konforti, DNSEP art graduate, 2015
— 2017 : Marine Semeria, DNSEP art graduate, 2013
— 2016 : Emmanuel Simon, DNSEP art graduate, 2014

Call for applications

2022 residency and exhibition (in French)

Bienniale of young creation, by La Graineterie

Since 2009, the contemporary art center La Graineterie has been developing a program of three exhibitions per year. A place of experimentation and production, La Graineterie is one of the three art centers in Yvelines that are members of Tram, the Paris / Ile-de-France contemporary art network. The attention paid to emergence is one of the common themes throughout the entire programme. The Bienniale of young creation is the most significant example of this. For its next edition in 2022, La Graineterie art center is uniting several art schools more closely by proposing that each school pre-select fifteen visual arts graduates. The isdaT is therefore organizing a call for applications to its graduates to participate in the 2022 edition of this Bienniale.

Call for applications

2022 bienniale (in French)


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