Stage Studies

Stage Studies: On Non-Virtuosity is a research programme founded by Emilie Pitoiset in 2016, in partnership with the Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Cnap, which questions the subversive potential of the non-virtuoso movement through the study of social phenomena and practices and involving the individual and collective body.

From the dance epidemic of the Middle Ages, to clubbing, to the gym or even street demonstrations, Stage Studies explores how the way in which we move our bodies infuse the political, social and economic state of the world.

Underground currents, subcultures, underground, fringe culture… all are areas in which Stage Studies aims to analyse non-disciplined bodies and the forms of resistance they produce. Beyond the virtuoso movement, it is the gestures that escape norms and governing powers, the gestures of the body in crisis that will be the subject of the seminar. Because whether it is efficient or not, a body which moves is a body which “performs” – that is to say produces something – and which thereby modifies and transforms the reality in which it is located.

Designed as a space for theoretical research and collective experimentation, Stage Studies is a place where each person’s actions and practices are questioned. Throughout the year, speakers, artists, researchers, curators will join the collective to share their research during conferences or workshops.

Stage Studies had the pleasure of joining forces with: Juliette Pollet (heritage curator in charge of the Cnap art collection), Les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse, Maguy Marin (choreographer & dancer), Émilie Pitoiset (artist and choreographer), Yann Chevallier (curator and director of Confort Moderne), Ingrid Luquet-Gad (critic and journalist for Spike Magazine, Les Inrockuptibles, Kaléidoscope, Matthieu Rigouste (independent sociologist), EAAPES with Clara Pacotte & Charlotte Houette (artists & specialists in Feminist SF), Myrto Katsikis (researcher in dance on the score), Pierre Bal-Blanc (curator), Marion Scemama (artist), Sébastien Faucon (director of the Château de Rochechouart, Museum of contemporary art of Haute-Vienne).


Referent professor

Émilie Pitoiset

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