Mobility aid

Within the framework of European exchanges, students can benefit from an Erasmus grant for several months. Students can only receive 2 Erasmus grants for the duration of their course (one for studies and one for an internship).


Aid for international mobility may be provided to students with a social grant who undertake a stay abroad as part of their study program. This aid contributes to the isdaT’s policy of international experience

OFAJ – Office franco-allemand pour la jeunesse (Franco-German Youth Office)

The OFAJ – Office franco-allemand pour la jeunesse – awards a scholarship for a study abroad in a school in Germany to only one isdaT student per semester. The OFAJ scholarships can be combined with Erasmus scholarships.

The Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean region

The Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region grants scholarship holders scholarships for global mobility (AMI – aides à la mobilité internationale des étudiants); for a study stay in a school and for internships. It also grants scholarships for stays in the countries of the Pyrenees – Mediterranean Euroregion (Catalonia or the Balearic Islands). The criteria for awarding scholarships are reviewed annually.

The Region also offers a flat-rate aid to students who do not have a scholarship, but whose Family Coefficient of the tax household that concerns them is less than 25,000 euros. These aids are managed and allocated by the management of the establishment.

The State

Through the Ministry of Culture, the State provides scholarship students in higher education with financial aid based on social criteria, intended to promote access to higher education, improve study conditions, to contribute to the success of students and to support the international mobility of scholarship students.

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