Heritage collection

The isdaT heritage collection consists of three collections. The old collection, the art collection and the archives.

From the Royal Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture founded in 1750 to the new institute uniting art, design, music and dance since 2011, the heritage collections have been linked for almost three centuries.

They are open to all audiences, both to the isdaT students and professors, as well as to external audiences, researchers and individuals.


An overview of the heritage collections on the INHA website

Bibliothèque, fonds ancien, isdaT
Fonds d'oeuvres isdaT : Lumilux 11, Gerhard Merz, assemblage lumineux, oeuvre in situ créée dans le cadre du Printemps de Septembre, 2005. Photo : Christine Sibran

The old collection

The old collection of the isdaT specialises in art. It corresponds to the former library of the Toulouse School of Fine Arts which brings together more than 3,000 works, covering fields as varied as that of architecture, sculpture and painting, but also that of the decorative arts, construction and travel. Particularly extensive in iconography, courses and workshops take place there throughout the year.

The period represented extends from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th century. It reflects the teachers’ interest in the various artistic fields. Just like the history of teaching at the Toulouse School of Fine Arts, it is partly the books of professors and former students which make up the collection.


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Dépoussiérage au fonds ancien, 2021
Manuel du naturaliste par Boitard, éd. Roret, Paris, 1825
Cachet de l'École des Arts et des Sciences industrielles, ca. 1825
Éléments du dessin par Gaillard, Toulouse, 1844
Nouveau recueil d'ostéologie et de myologie de Jacques Gamelin, Toulouse, 1779
Voyage au Soudan oriental par Pierre Trémaux, Paris, 1852
Documents décoratifs d'Alphonse Mucha, Paris, 1902
Traité de la couleur de Rosenstiehl, Paris, 1913
Formes et couleurs d'Auguste Thomas, Paris, 1921

The art collection

The isdaT art collection is an open collection, made up of more than 1,400 works. The collection includes paintings from internal and municipal competitions, as well as from competitions in Paris. They reflect the teaching provided at the Royal Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from the 18th century to the present day. Some works were acquired from the Salon des Artistes Méridionaux, from 1905 to 2017. In 2015, the architectural plans which were also acquired by competition were deposited in the municipal archives of Toulouse.

The collection continues to be enriched primarily with graphic works, through research workshops and the isdaT workshops.


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Le Grand Meaulnes, d'Alain Fournier, grav. sur bois, isdaT, 2021
Scène de cabaret, pastel, 1914, inv. R.914.2.1
Arts décoratifs, carreaux vernissés, Atelier Henri Giscard, beaux-arts, ca. 1920, inv. R.920.3.1
Le Songe d'Enée par Pierre Daumet, 1912, Grand Prix municipal Toulouse, inv. 912.1.18a
Buste de Jules Garipuy par Frédéric Tourte, 1907, inv. R.909.3.1b
Buste de Ponsin Andarahi par Alexandre Laporte, 1888, inv. R.888.3.1b

The archive collection

The isdaT archive collection has just been reported in the General Catalogue of Manuscripts (CGM) of the BNF. 46 boxes of paper archives, handwritten texts and photographs, nearly 1,300 files of artists (paper and digital), professors and students combined and approximately thirty registers form the body of this collection, spanning from the 18th to the 21st century. The archives document the artistic life of the School, from the Royal Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture to the isdaT.

The Toulouse municipal archives preserve a large part of the old isdaT archives, transferred between 1997 and 2015.



The Corridor exhibitions

The exhibitions in the Corridor (of the library) bring together the heritage collections, the modern and contemporary collection of the library, for a joint presentation of both the documents and works of the isdaT. Students, professors or speakers join forces with the Corridor to exhibit the productions resulting from workshops, courses or end-of-cycle research.

Exhibitions archives

more photos
Couloir n°3 is killing baby birds, Daniel Duque © Franck Alix
Couloir N¯1 Re-Sources, fÇv. 2020
, photographie © Anne Jourdain
Couloir n°10 "Natures", avril 2023, photographie © Anne Jourdain, isdaT

Contact and admission

Admission by appointment, Monday to Friday.

Heritage collections
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