Exhibition spaces

Students will benefit from the building of presentation and experimental spaces as well as setting up exhibition spaces for guest artists.

Meeting places with the public, the programming of exhibitions and events aims to establish a connection between students and the outside world, between the institute and the city, between professional environment and artistic emergence. The participation in the assembly of the exhibitions of guest artists is an integral part of the educational programme addressed to students.

The exhibition spaces are an integral part of the institute:

  • Room 02 (180 m2),
  • The Galerie du Quai (90 m2 + 15 m2) offers a hanging room and a projection space,
  • The Palais des Arts (300 m2), an interface between the city and the school, allows students to present their work and plan large-scale exhibitions,
  • Mur, an experimental space for students of the institute. Galerie d’essai, intended to house the work and research of students. Given the configuration of Mur, located upstream from the Palais des Arts, the works presented relate to publishing, repetition, imagery or collector’s items. Its monthly programme is made up of projects by students. The one responsible for Mur’s programming is Simon Bergala.
  • The library corridor (30m2) is used to host corridor exhibitions bringing together heritage endowments and the modern and contemporary library collection for the purpose of enhancing the documents and works of the isdaT.
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Salle 02, Maude Tremolière et Margaux Zuppel, DNSEP design, juin 2017 © Franck Alix
Mur #33, Estrella Calloix et Patrice Gogue, Il y est cinquante ans, décembre 2018 © Patrice Gogue
lfjdeulfihxzukftikggrrehmd, exposition des diplômé·es DNSEP 2019 © Franck Alix
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