Current amplified music courses

Curriculum offered in partnership with the SMAC (contemporary music scenes) of the Occitanie region, Music’Halle — l’École des musiques vivaces and the Université Toulouse — Jean Jaurès.

The current amplified music curriculum is getting a new look: personal artistic projects and openness to other disciplines within the institute, instrumental technique, interpretation, composition, improvisation are among the curriculum’s highlights. The field of current music is extremely vast, which is why there is no stylistic limit in the training offered by isdaT.

5 training areas

  • instrumental technique
  • interpretation
  • versatility: decryption, arrangement, composition, improvisation, studio, written and oral expression
  • the uniqueness of each, at an individual level and within a group
  • consistency of the subject.

These essential elements require regular and in-depth work to achieve both autonomy and better self-expression.

Organisation of studies

The course includes 1350 hours of training spread over 3 years and organised in teaching departments (UE). Obtaining a diploma is subject to the acquisition of 180 credits (ECTS), which can be acknowledged and transferred anywhere in Europe.

Teaching departments.1 / Musical practice

  • Perfecting playing skills
  • Workshops on an eclectic and contrasting repertoire
  • Improvisation/interaction workshop
  • Complementary instrument course
  • Vocal technique and posture
  • Choir

Teaching departments.2 / Musical culture

  • Composition/arrangement
  • Analysis of current music
  • History (current music, jazz, ethnomusicology or from different periods of classical music)
  • Music and acoustics technology

Teaching departments.3 / Cross-disciplinary and professionalising skills

  • Methodology course “preparation for professional life”
  • MAO (production of a sound document)
  • Internships and meetings with practitioners (artists, presenters, etc.)
  • Residence and creation of an autonomous artistic project.

Teaching resources

Whatever the chosen course, different teaching times are offered:

  • individual lessons,
  • group lessons,
  • masterclasses,
  • workshops and studios shared with the dance and fine arts department,
  • internships and extracurricular projects (concerts/public offerings).


Guest trainers complete the training through internships, trans-disciplinary workshops (music, dance and visual arts) and workshops on specific aspects, including:

  • posture and injury prevention in musicians
  • mental preparation for performers
  • stage presence and public speaking
  • ancient and contemporary music
  • analysis of movement
  • labour law, copyright and statutes of performing musicians
  • designing artistic projects within the framework of cultural events and festivals (Les Siestes Électroniques, Jazz in Marciac, Octopus network of current music, Music’Halle…).


The teaching team is made up of artists and professors from isdaT, Music’Halle and Université Toulouse — Jean Jaurès.
Coordinating professor: David Haudrechy.

Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015
Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015
Concert de fin d'année, isdaT, 2015
Concert à la Cave Poésie © Franck Alix, février 2016
Moondog — Regards croisés par les étudiants musiciens et danseurs © Franck Alix, décembre 2018
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