A new project

Since the fall of 2018, this new project has transformed the isdaT, giving it the ambition, on the one hand, to structure and consolidate the establishment as a unique multidisciplinary institution, and on the other hand to develop more training options and finally, to open up the institute on a both local and international scale.

This movement is reflected in existing projects as well as those in progress:

  • the transformation of two departments (performing arts/fine arts) in favour of five clearly identified autonomous artistic fields,
  • the regrouping of administrative and technical teams, at the service of the whole establishment,
  • the creation of a “development” service: proactive and understandable policy involving partnerships (cultural, educational, artistic, economic, social, etc.), on all scales (from local to international), establishment and development of a professional integration and continuing professional training policy,
  • the creation of a multi-disciplinary resource centre,
  • the opening of a place for broadcasting, creation and debate, shared by all, equipped with a multi-cam audiovisual production streaming system: the media platform,
  • the affirmation of the specificities pertaining to each educational field, based on the reality of the differences in their aesthetic, professional, social and economic positions,
  • the creation of cross-disciplinary training and courses, putting to work resonances, dialogues and cross-functionalities between practices and pedagogies, as well as in terms of research,
  • the development and application of research,
  • the development of a digital, practical and critical culture.
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