In 2019-2020, isdaT created a new educational project intended for its students, giving them the privilege to meet and work with students in art, design, graphic design, music and dance. PLEXUS Lab is a space and time for experimentation and discussion, but also for sharing knowledge, inspiration and passion.

Thanks to pedagogical support from teachers and by inviting artists specializing in one or more disciplines, the objective is to facilitate the connection between students from different fields, to ensure a certain fluidity in the creative process and also to broaden the influence surrounding a common project as much as possible.

PLEXUS Lab combines an “experimental” component in the form of improvisation, writing, research, as well as a “reflective” component that forms a common core for all fields; all of this is accompanied by an artistic programme (taken in by the spectator).

Coordinating professor

David Haudrechy

Referent professors

Marion Muzac

Simon Bergala



Le Labo, séance de travail, nov. 2019 © isdaT
POURQUOI CLUB, extrait du workshop de PLEXUS Lab, 2021
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