Classical music courses

Course offered in partnership with the Université Toulouse — Jean Jaurès, the CRR de Toulouse, Toulouse Guitare, Piano aux Jacobins and the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse.

Organisation of studies

The course includes 1350 hours of training spread over 3 years and organised in teaching departments (UE). Obtaining a diploma is subject to the acquisition of 180 credits (ECTS), which can be acknowledged and transferred anywhere in Europe.

Teaching departments.1 / Musical practice

  • Instrumental or vocal improvement
  • Collective practices (orchestra or choir)
  • Music reading or chamber music
  • Improvisation
  • Masterclass in instrumental or vocal practice

Teaching departments.2 / Musical culture

  • Analysis
  • Writing
  • History of music
  • Musical training (if needed)

Teaching departments.3 / Cross-disciplinary and professionalising skills

  • Methodology: preparation for professional life
  • Personal artistic project
  • Professional scenarios
  • Internships in a professional environment with, in particular, depending on options, the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse, the Orchestre de Chambre de Toulouse, the Théâtre du Capitole, the Toulouse les Orgues festivals, Passe ton Bach d’abord, the Electronic Siestes, Éole, the Toulouse Mélodie Française competition… These internships focus on the modalities of professional practice on stage and behind the scenes (audition simulation, rehearsals, concerts, recording, management, administration, communication).

If pursuing a degree

  • Modern language (or other optional course)
  • Computer science (C2i exam).


Guest trainers complete the training through internships, trans-disciplinary workshops (music, dance and visual arts) and workshops on specific aspects, including:

  • posture and injury prevention in musicians
  • mental preparation for performers
  • stage presence and public speaking
  • ancient and contemporary music
  • analysis of movement
  • labour law, copyright and statutes of performing musicians
  • designing artistic projects within the framework of cultural events and festivals (Les Siestes Électroniques, Passe ton Bach d’Abord, Toulouse les Orgues, Jazz in Marciac, Avant-Mardi network of current music, Music’Halle…).

Teaching resources

Different teaching times are offered:
— individual lessons,
— group lessons,
— masterclass,
— workshops and studios shared with art, design, graphic design options and the dance department,
— internships and extracurricular projects (concerts/public offerings).

The institute’s ensemble

  • The wind orchestra was created in 2021 to meet the need for orchestral practice at isdaT. It is a formation with variable geometry (flutes, oboes, clarinets, horns and saxophones). Currently directed by David Minetti, the ensemble also collaborates with students of the conducting class of isdaT. Although the original repertoire of this group consisted mainly of military music, it was enriched by arrangements and many original compositions highlighting the qualities of wind instruments. In this way, the orchestra helps to promote masterpieces by Richard Strauss, Antonin Dvorak, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Igor Stravinsky and many other great names of the classical repertoire to the public.
  • The isdaT choir, isdaTus, under the direction of Julien Garde, offers its students the opportunity to explore the accompanied vocal repertoire from the baroque to the contemporary period. The instrumental accompaniment of the works is performed by the students, either on original parts or on arranged parts. This is an opportunity to bring together the majority of the institution’s student musicians in a collective musical project. This choir can also perform at festivals on various themes such as world music.
  • The string orchestra, under the responsibility of Yannick Callier, is an orchestra whose specificity is the total autonomy in playing: it performs without a conductor. Supervised by a teacher in the preparation of the program, students self-direct their instruments and adopt the fundamentals of chamber music expanded to a string ensemble. A very vast repertoire is at the disposition of this group in the most seductive works of our contemporaries, inspired descendants inspired by the masterpieces of Mozart, Dvoräk, Tchaikovsky…

Teachers of the main disciplines

Lists and biographies of professors.

Alice Dumazy, atelier moulage © Franck Alix
Alice Dumazy, atelier moulage © Franck Alix
Alice Dumazy, atelier moulage © Franck Alix
Répétitions du concert de musique baroque française "L'isdaT invite Les Passions" © Franck Alix, novembre 2021
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