Teaching assistants and workshop leaders in art, design and graphic design

  • Amélie Agut, sound
  • Jean-Pierre Bourorga, video
  • Pierre-Louis Dufour, volume (metal)
  • Kevin Gotkovsky, volume (wood)
  • Pablo Guidali, photography (silver laboratory)
  • Lény Lecointre, video
  • Rémy Lidereau, photography (digital laboratory)
  • Arnaud Loridan, model-making
  • Anthea Lubat, drawing, painting (public lessons for children and teenagers)
  • Stephen Marsden, volume, moulding, sculpture
  • Thierry Odriozola, computer graphics
  • Christine Sibran, photography (studio shooting)
  • Valérie Vernet, silkscreen printing, co-leader of the editing workshop
  • NN, volume (wood)
  • NN, Machina workshop

Amélie Agut

Biography coming soon

Jean-Pierre Bourorga

Jean-Pierre Bourorga obtained his DNSEP visual communication in 1992. After various jobs (graphic designer, graphic designer in software ergonomics, artistic director in an agency, professor of visual arts and applied arts…), he joined isdaT in 1998. He is now a director (music and commercial clips), author/composer/performer and designer.

Pierre-Louis Dufour

Volume (metal)
Biography coming soon

Kevin Gotkovsky

Volume (wood)
Biography coming soon

Pablo Guidali

Photography (silver photography laboratory)
Biography coming soon

Lény Lecointre

After obtaining his DNSEP at EBABX, Lény Lecointre directs his practice towards a technical approach to the video medium. His career and training demonstrates a strong interest in creative tools. In parallel to his practice at isdaT, he supports artists in the realization of their projects. His field of expertise is not limited to post-production since he also has a particular interest in shooting, light and sound management.

Rémy Lidereau

Photography (digital lab)
Biography coming soon

Arnaud Loridan

As a carpenter since 1993, Arnaud Loridan first worked in the building trade, then spent ten years building sets for theater and opera, while developing a furniture design business. He then specialized in the construction of timber-frame houses and in ecological construction, with a strong interest in cooperatives. In 2018, he accompanied isdaT students in the construction of the récupérathèque, followed by its dismantling in 2019. As a member of ARESO (regional association of eco-builders in the south-west), he is involved in the development of the Ukronie project, which aims to support project developers who respect the living world.

Anthea Lubat

Drawing, painting (public lessons for children and teenagers)
A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (ENSBA), Anthea Lubat directs her practice around drawing, in the broadest sense. She had the opportunity to participate in the Drawing Room organized at La Panacée in Montpellier. Following a personal exhibition in 2019, the Gamahé(s) catalog is published by the art center Les Bains Douches in Alençon. She regularly participates in exhibitions organized by the collective OUIOUINONNON in Paris. One of her drawings was recently the subject of a public acquisition by the Artothèque Les Arts au Mur, in Pessac.

With various techniques and at the crossroads of several fields of knowledge, her artistic work is defined through the meeting of differences, and underlines contrasts as much as affinities. She nourishes a vocabulary of techniques, textures, colors with infinite combinations. Thus, a link of identity between each element takes shape and refers to a potential imagination, enriched by the dreams and memories that emanate from each one. She currently teaches drawing and painting at isdaT since 2018, and highlights the porosity of techniques, and the permanent correlation between forms and their evocative power.

Stephen Marsden

Volume, moulding, sculpture
Born in Sheffield in 1962 and trained in outdoor sculpture in England, Stephen Marsden lived in the United States, then in Japan, and settled in France in the early nineties. Familiar with the FRAC Limousin who began collecting his works in 2003, he showed some of his sculptures there in thematic exhibitions. Stephen Marsden’s sculptures are sometimes composite in their sources and yet homogeneous in their result. Comparable to photomontage which, by drawing or printing, unifies heterogeneous images, some of his works combine forms of different origins and sizes. The autobiographical dimension is also very present in his work. He joined isdaT in 1999.

Thierry Odriozola

Computer graphics
After obtaining his DNSEP in 1993, Thierry Odriozola became a graphic designer, poster designer and illustrator. He has an artistic practice that questions these disciplines. He joined isdaT in 1996.

Christine Sibran

Photography (studio shooting)
Christine Sibran develops a personal work around the question of territory, combining photography, texts and video. She is very invested in research around the production of editorial micro-projects, editions of multiples or artists’ books. In addition, she manages the works for the Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles, the Vincent Van Gogh Arles Foundation. She directs the photography training at the National School of Photography in Arles.

At isdaT, she provides photography courses in the 1st year, support for projects from semesters 1 to 10 all options combined, and the “ways of seeing” course in cycle 2 with Eléonore False. She also takes part in the Portfolios days with David Mozziconacci, and she is in charge of the micropublishing workshop with Valérie Vernet.

Valérie Vernet

Silkscreen printing,  co-leader of the editing workshop
Biography coming soon

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