The model-making workshop is a space for study design, verification, production and communication. Open to all students, regardless of their orientation, it allows the creation of volumes, maquettes and prototypes from various materials: plastics, wood, resins, etc. The equipment includes a thermoforming / folding machine for plastics, tools for drilling, sanding and cutting, as well as numerous hand tools and measuring instruments. AutoCad and Rhino3D software is taught at the beginning of the year, so that students can independently access 2D and 3D digital prototyping in conjunction with INSA Toulouse.

The student is therefore equipped with the skills to able to manufacture a model and a prototype from their sketches and drawings. With support available from the teaching team, they are able to plan its feasibility, cost, manufacturing stages and schedule, as well as determine the artistic and technical support it requires.


Lionel Bataille

Teaching assistant

Arnaud Loridan

Hours of operation

Schedule 2023-2024

Atelier maquette © Franck Alix
atelier maquette, isdaT © Franck Alix
atelier maquette, isdaT © Franck Alix
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