Piano accompaniment

Éloise Urbain

After studying at the Toulouse CRR, then at the CNSMD de Paris as Song and Accompaniment Director in classes taught by Jean Koerner and Serge Zapolsky, Éloise Urbain became a laureate of the Cziffra and Menuhin Foundations. She performs as a soloist for Radio France and at numerous concerts and festivals, in chamber music and with singers: Festival des Jacobins in Toulouse, Festival de Prades, Festival de la Vézère, Festival de Sorrèze, Grands Interprètes in Périgueux, Festival de Lagraulet, Flâneries musicales de Reims. She takes part in international competitions: International Singing Competition of Toulouse and Marmande, International French Melody Competition, International Cello Competition “Navarra”. She has participated in lyrical productions as a pianist-conductor at the Théâtre du Capitole and performed in the Chamber Orchestra and the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse. She performs in concert alongside internationally renowned singers Gabriel Bacquier, José Van Dam, Léontina Vaduva, Viorica Cortez, Alain Fondary, Jean-Luc Viala, Sylvia Sas, Virginia Kerr.

Holder of a Certificate of Proficiency, she was appointed Assistant Professor at CRR Toulouse and the isdaT.

Christophe Larrieu

Christophe Larrieu has been a pianist and assistant conductor at the Théâtre du Capitole since 1997, where he notably conducted La Mascotte, La Fille de Madame Angot, Les Mousquetaires au convent, La Périchole as well as the introductive opera for children Faisons un opéra !, The Little Chimney Sweeper and Noah’s Ark by Benjamin Britten. He studied at the CNSMD de Paris where he obtained three first prizes: piano, accompaniment and vocal direction. Guest singing conductor for lyrical productions as well as at the CNSMD de Lyon, he regularly accompanies singers and instrumentalists, in France and abroad. An eclectic musician, he is also known for his work as part of the Sorties d’Artistes group and for his performances in salon and genre music as well as in jazz.

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