SPINE, Georgia Sagri

Georgia Sagri, Breathing (7-1-7) with embryac position _ Windface, performance, october 2020, de Appel, Amsterdam. Photo by Vasilis Papageorgiou © Georgia Sagri

Ouvert aux étudiant·es en années 2 à 5 options art, design et design graphique, et aux étudiant·es musique et danse.

Workshop dans le cadre du projet de recherche Stage Studies.

From 2019 until today Sagri has been developing her research practice IASI (recovery) Stage of Recovery in overlapping phases in three art institutions and cities, and in conversation with three institutional allies and their curatorial teams: Mimosa House (London, UK) and Daria Khan Tavros (Athens, GR) and Maria-Thalia Carras and with De Appel (Amsterdam, NL) and Monika Szewczyk. She has been working with individual participants via confidential and anonymous one-to-one sessions as part of her 10-year long body of research into self-care and recovery – based on her own performance recovery techniques that use breath as an active agent, movement and voice training. The artist’s ongoing research was also the basis for her iconic work Dynamis, which featured at documenta 14 (Kassel and Athens, 2017) and involved sharing these techniques with more than 200 members of the public across the two cities. During this process, Sagri observed an improvement in the general wellbeing of participants and continues to explore the stages of recovery in her work, IASI. Currently she continues sharing and developing her practice and techniques with members of the public at her studio and art space Ύλη[matter]HYLE (hyle.gr).

For her workshop SPINE Georgia Sagri will work on the notion of the Stage of Recovery – which is also the title of her recently published book. She will present and develop with the students the tactile forces and her techniques of IASI (recovery). In the training, physical responses as well as conversations with the students will further the investigation and the analysis of care, self-recovery, pain and fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety. Georgia Sagri will also organize one-to-one meetings with the students. The assemblage of visual, gestural and vocal impressions of the accumulated bodily experiences explored simultaneously on a personal and collective level: their chronic pains and their releases, will form the backbone, the SPINE, of the resulting final presentation.

Georgia’s Sagri book Stage of Recovery was published in 2021 by Devided Press. Her monograph catalogue was published by Sternberg Press in 2018.

Georgia Sagri (b. 1979), is an artist, scholar and the Tenure professor of Performance Studio at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She is also the founder of a non-profit artist’s run space Ύλη[matter] HYLE (hyle.gr) at 1 Pireos str., Omonia square, in Athens. Her interdisciplinary practice comprises a variety of media: sculpture, video, drawing, installation and writing while it is centered in performance as an ever-evolving field within social and visual life. Much of her work is influenced by her ongoing engagement in political movements and struggles, regarding issues of autonomy, empowerment, and self organisation.

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