Look Mom No Head!, Arthur Stokvis & Laurent Proux

Workshops avec Arthur Stokvis & Laurent Proux, isdaT Toulouse
Workshops avec Arthur Stokvis & Laurent Proux, isdaT Toulouse

workshop peinture
15 étudiants — salles 307 et 309

Workshop ouvert aux étudiants en années 2 à 5 option art.

HEY! HO! LETS GO!, in 1976 with this line, The Ramones launched a decade where bands and artist started to take matters into their own hands. In that period artist like Mike Kelley started art initiatives and made their own shows apart from high end galleries and art institutions by their own parameters. 

Today, 2019, in an art world with declining funds and a public that grew tired of conventional presentations, this hands on Do It Yourself mentality seems ever more important. During the workshop students of the isdaT will make their own new show, discovering new presentations forms and ways to involve the public. Collaborating cross medial to get to one collective visual statement. 

The workshop is an experiment to find new ways to let artworks function as building blocks to alter the space. With this we will challenge the traditional position of the viewer opposite the artwork. Think of making the show as a parcours survivalist. The students will be encouraged to leave their island and let their work to function as the ideal environment for the work of the other. Think of painting without using the appropriate materials, to make works that blast off the wall in to the space. 

We, Arthur Stokvis (NL) and Laurent Proux (FR) warmly invite you to join this expedition. We will start the workshop with presentation of our artist practice, showing projects we made with a strong DIY character, produced by artists themselves from head to tail. Next to that we will look at the works of contemporary artist as Katharina Grosse, Sterling Ruby, Isa Genzken and Oscar Murillo. These artists; all rooted in painting in different ways, are an example for finding exiting unconventional ways to show work. 

In the workshop making will be central. The point of departure will be painting but the workshop is open to all disciplines. 

Arthur Stokvis, born in 1981, the Netherlands, studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Gent (Belgium). His work consists of paintings and murals. In 2018 he worked as artist in residence at the Calcutta Art Research Foundation, India, supported by the Mondrian Fund. This led to the exhibition The sun goes around the earth once in a year at C&H gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Laurent Proux, born in 1980, France, studied at ENSBA Lyon and Horschule Für Bildende Kunst Hamburg. His works consist in paintings and large format drawings. In 2018, he was granted by CNAP for a research project in New-York and Chicago in the USA. His work is represented by Semiose gallery, Paris.

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