Lessons by Raphaël Larre — Vagabond drawing 2021-2022

“The artist’s work is simply to see. That’s all. See.” Jean-Michel Alberola, Summer Conversation France Culture.

Workshops are places of pleasure to experiment with drawing in different forms – but it all starts with the eye. One of the major focuses of the workshops is to forge links between drawing, dance and music. These courses are open to beginners and advanced students.

Drawing is carried out by learning the basics: anatomy, portraiture, shadow and light, perspective, sketching. The goal of teaching these fundamentals is to draw what we see in an uninhibited and free way; this is achieved through the use of the sketchbook and its mobility, the sketch. Each week, different subjects are discussed: drawing from projections of images by old masters and contemporary artists, from video stills, male and female live models, drawing visits (museum, cultural and athletic venues, outdoors) and attitude drawing.

The year is punctuated by highlights with projects carried out by all groups, others are optional: Open House days, exhibition and project with the Georges Labit Museum, the Natural History Museum of Montauban, etc. At the end of the year, and if the current situation allows it, a cultural trip abroad is organised (Brussels in 2022), as well as a meeting with students in initial training at isdaT.

For those students who want to do so and have a strong personal desire, we can approach drawing as an artistic process going beyond technical learning and turning to more contemporary forms: sculptures, prints, drawings, photos, videos, cartoons, performances , writing, editing, sound.

If in-person learning is not possible, weekly lessons will continue via videoconference lessons. Carried out live, each course allows you to learn the fundamental techniques of drawing (examples of the themes from 2020-2021: anatomy/body ratios, composition, portrait, learning different shadow and light techniques, framing, perspective through architecture and the body, movement in drawing by learning to sketch).

Each video course is set up as follows:

  • A live demonstration behind the camera,
  • Practical workshops,
  • A personal, live exchange for those who wish for one at the end of the session.
Draw Team, performance des cours adultes, JPO de l’isdaT, février 2020. Photographie © Franck Alix
L’Usine à dessins, performance des cours adultes, Journées Portes Ouvertes de l’isdaT, février 2019. Photographie © Franck Alix
Cours adultes, performance pour l'exposition Le bal des animaux, Nuit des musées de Montauban, mai 2019. Photographie © Laurent Dominique
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