Lluís Nacenta

workshop art sonore
12 étudiants — salles 301 et 106, studio vidéo, atelier son, ateliers techniques

“Le geste d’écouter”
Sound art as a listening practice
This workshop will put into practice an idea of sound art as a listening approach to all other art practices. So it is about listening, about listening to other things (this means not only to sounds), and doing it not only in a passive way, but allowing the listening process to interfere in the practice we are involved in.

The traditional means of sound art, such as sound poetry, field recording, graphic scores, glitch, will be seen in this workshop not as a series of techniques that the artist should master, but rather as a set of creative methodologies that every artist can put into practice. Also, the approach to technology will be that of the user, that of the person who doesn’t master it completely, so it can take advantage, in a rather playful way, of its occasional malfunctions.

The intention is not to invite the participants to do a little bit of sound art during this workshop, but to allow them to keep doing what they usually do as artist, only this time considering it from a listening perspective. Hopefully the result will not be the usual sound art pieces, but that kind of contemporary art that it is interesting to listening to.

Every session will start with a theory introduction, followed by the discussion of a text that the participants have previously read. After that, the participants will work on their respective art pieces (that can develop alone or in small groups). The intention is not to realize in the art piece the ideas previously discussed in the theory session, but to use the work on the art piece to better understand them, to comment them, perhaps even to reject them.

The theory introduction will be divided into four main chapters:

  1. The Limits of Sound: Silence and Noise.
  2. The Voice of Eco: “I have nothing to say and I am saying it”.
  3. Listening (not through but) to Technology.
  4. Soundscape or Ambient Music: with open absent-minded ears.

Lluís Nacenta is a lecturer, essayist and creator in the fields of experimental music and acoustic design. He teaches on the degree course in Design and the master’s degree on Art and Design Research at the Eina School of Art and Design (UAB), and is a contributor to Nativa journal and the “Cultura/s” supplement of La Vanguardia newspaper. He was coordinator of the master’s degree in Sound Art at Barcelona University, has curated music and exhibition projects for Arts Santa Mònica, Sónar Festival and the CCCB, and given courses and talks at the MACBA, the CCCB, the Espai Cultural Caja Madrid, and Can Felipa. He is also involved in the production of the series Son(i)a on MACBA Web Radio.

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