opening wednesday 1st june 2016 — 12 pm

EuroTypoPicto is an initiative by the institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse in collaboration with the City of Toulouse. Exhibition on Garonne’s riverbank, from Daurade’s place to Saint-Pierre’s place.

The City of Toulouse invited the graphic design students of the institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse / isdaT to propose an open-air intervention evoking the identity of each different countries coming to Toulouse for the UEFA EURO 2016™: Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Wales, Italy and two other countries for the round of 16 after the qualifying group stage of the final tournament.

This line of figures and pictograms indicates the official numbering of each football match in the competiton and welcomes our different European guests with a nod: each country is presented by three signs; an architectural landmark, an animal from the nation’s symbolic bestiary and an element emerging from the social and cultural practices of the country. These different emblems, representative of the European collective imaginary world, were designed at the scale of the city, as a long rebus of monumental icons stripping back the form to the essentials. For each match, a caption, only legible at close distance, permits to decipher the series of symbols.

This pictographic writing observable on the Garonne’s riverbank footpath is also offered as free downloadable cross-platform digital typeface on the local public art and design school’s website (see below).

This project is conceived as part of the annual course « TypoPicto » under the direction of François Chastanet, architect, graphic designer & typographer, professor at isdaT, who already supervised isdaT’s students to create the font « Garonne « used since 2010 for the visual identity of the City of Toulouse.

isdaT students
Léa Hemery
Maximilian Tranduc
Emmanuelle Colombe
Zoé Xhignesse
Marie-Lou Layotte
Lucie Humbert
Shérine El Sol
Alexis Susani


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