Our missions

  • Organization of higher artistic studies up to doctorate level and the issuing of national diplomas;
  • Implementation of research projects (conferences, study days, seminars, international partnerships, publications);
  • Both internal and external production and distribution (exhibitions, shows, concerts, etc.) in partnership with numerous artistic and cultural venues;
  • International relations (student and teacher mobility, international partnerships);
  • Professional integration of graduates.


Research at isdaT is based on a critical approach that questions eminently political and social issues through creation. In this way, social and economic organization is questioned and revisited, particularly with regard to ecology, organization of production and consumption, as well as upheaval in work organization. The topic of gender is an opportunity for the isdaT to use creation as a means of questioning the way in which our society is “gendered”, to dismantle the false evidence. Our critical approach, both theoretical and practical, has also been deployed according to a deliberately multidisciplinary method, within the framework of the “LabBooks” research. By questioning the notion of editorial writing, this experiments with and combines the diverse visual, performative, conceptual and auditory ideas and intelligence that operate as research in action. Based on the strong objectives of our pedagogy in art, design, and graphic design, these programmes are fully aligned with the general perspective of our teaching and of which it is the most advanced and experimental part.

The research council consists of a representative of each research program. It collegially validates the directions and developments of research within the institution, as well as supports the research of 3 open programs on prevailing issues in the fields of art, design and graphic design and based on prospective plastic and theoretical work.

Their common organization into a research unit within the isdaT makes it possible to support teachers, students and young graduates in their research and experimentation needs, by bringing together researchers and professionals from outside the institution, while sharing research, production and dissemination resources.

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