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performing arts

music unit
Noémie Robidas

  • investigation regarding the educational material used and the creative activities produced by teachers of musical instruments from four French-speaking countries: Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland
  • interdisciplinary research team in instrumental teaching, which aims to survey the informal practices of students that can influence their formal practice, in order to increase the motivation of students in the practice of an instrument. This research could also be undertaken for dance.
  • French/Quebecois workshops on instrumental teaching. This year, these workshops take place in Aix en Provence in February 2016 with concern for rallying various tertiary institutions around projects with the theme of use of technology in instrumental teaching.

danse unit
Martine Truong Tan Trung and Sophie Rousseau

  • a project run by the Centre National de la Danse, which offers a comparative exploration of the functional analysis of dance movement, focusing on rhythm, tempo, movement, and tools for teaching music and dance. This project focuses on the interaction between rhythm, bodies, dynamics and temporal organisation, the characteristics of tempo and movement, and the relationship between time and gravity.
  • a project in relation to the functional and qualitative analysis of movement undertaken by the University of Quebec in Montreal: an investigation concerning the practice of the functional analysis of movement, with the aid of experts from the North American and European continents. The aim is to refresh views and analytical discourses concerning dance movement and explore the potential for movement analysis to feed into aesthetic discourses in the performing arts and open up the discussion on the contribution of movement analysis to various fields: dance, theatre, music, kinesiology, ethnography, psychology, therapy, etc. This project is led by Nicole Harbonier, a lecturer in dance from the University of Quebec, in Montreal.