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ongoing training


  • Artists and Art Teachers
  • Candidates for the VAE

The missions of isdaT Live Performance fall within the national reform for decentralisation and restructuring of artistic higher education, by adapting to the Licence, Master, Doctorat system (Bachelor, Master’s, Doctorate system under the Bologna Process). Like all institutions (tertiary-level and CNSMD in Paris and Lyon), isdaT Live Performance delivers Diplômes d’État (DE) but also Diplômes Nationaux Supérieurs Professionnels de Musiciens (DNSPM) recognised all over Europe. Since 2017, isdaT training are also referenced with Datadock (quality label attributed by the French Ministry of Labour).

Alongside its higher education mission, isdaT Live Performance also provides non-certified training modules in music and dance. These modules are designed for all artists and art teachers that would like to develop their professional culture and deepen or broaden their range of knowledge and skills in their respective careers. This ongoing training is also suitable for VAE candidates that wish to consolidate their skills prior to the procedure, but also for those who have obtained partial validation and wish to present themselves again before the jury.

With the aim of offering educational pathways as close as possible to the needs of audiences and to partners from its network, isdaT has devised and developed its current modules according to their respective expectations. As an extension of its initial training options, isdaT is concerned with guiding dance and music professional throughout their career, both in the development of their skills and maintaining their employability.