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conditions of admission and competitive examination

conditions of admission

Candidates for the examination must have an excellent academic file and hold the following degrees:

  •  DNSPM (or equivalent)
  •  Licence (Bachelor’s Degree)

The candidates that do not meet the above conditions can request an exemption from the director of the establishment. There is no age limit.

In addition to the above conditions, foreign candidates must provide:

  • Proof of foreign degrees translated into French,
  • A certificate of equivalency of the foreign qualification corresponding to the baccalauréat or bachelor’s degree, from the ENIC NARIC organisation,
  • Valid Visa or Residence Permit
  • Certificate of level of French language (TCF B2, TEF, DELF B2 or DALF C1).

The foreign candidates must fill in the specific conditions of access to the University (for this, refer to the University of Toulouse — Jean Jaurès website).

entrance examination

The entrance examination includes written tests, an interview, and instrumental tests. Any absence from one of the tests will eliminate the candidate. The candidates who have obtained the best results in all tests are admitted to the course, depending on the number of openings available each year.

registration and tuition fees

The total cost of registration fees for the entrance examination is 52 euros or 35 euros in the case of re-enrolment. The total tuition fee for the initial training is 565 euros for the 2021-2022 year. Further information on scholarships and social security.

for the University of Toulouse — Jean Jaurès

Please refer to the admission conditions available on the UT2J website.

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  • registrations closed for 2021