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The institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse, an Établissement Public de Coopération Culturelle (EPCC - Public Institution for Cultural Cooperation), is the result of the unification in 2011 of:
– the école supérieure des beaux-arts de Toulouse, a royal academy founded in the mid-18th century, which became the fine arts department of the isdaT;
– the centre d’études supérieures de musique et danse (CESMD) founded in 1993 by the government and the city hall of Toulouse, now the performing arts department of the isdaT.

areas of specialisation

The institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse is the only public establishment in France to offer a tertiary arts education in art, design, graphic design, music, and dance, under the pedagogical authority of the French Ministry of Culture. These five options are organised into two departments: fine arts and performing arts.

This framework has led to the development of a specific education in each of these fields, attuned to contemporary artistic concerns. It is an asset that fosters synergies for the development of collective and cross-sectorial projects.

The fine arts department of the isdaT is the only school within the greater southwest territory to provide courses covering all three options: art, design and graphic design. Similarly, the performing arts department is the only national tertiary complex to offer all three options of jazz, classical and contemporary dance for the Diplôme d’État Danse, as well as all the instruments and options for its musical diplomas, at both undergraduate level and as ongoing professional training courses.

missions of a cultural tertiary institution

  • Organisation of artistic tertiary studies into 3 cycles, and award of national diplomas;
  • Implementation of research projects (conferences, workshops, seminars, international partnerships, publications);
  • Production and dissemination inside and outside the walls (exhibitions, show, concerts) in partnership with numerous artistic and cultural venues;
  • International relations (student and teacher travel, international partnerships);
  • Professional internships and placements of graduates.

award of qualifications

Fine arts department

  • National Arts Diploma (third-year level, french equivalent of the Bachelor of Arts Degree) in the options art, design and graphic design, conferring the grade of Licence;
  • National University Diploma in Artistic Expression (fifth-year level, french equivalent of the Master of Arts Degree) in the options art, design and graphic design, conferring the grade of Master 2.

Performing arts department

  • National Professional University Diploma in Music (third-year level);
  • National Diploma in Music Teaching (third-year level);
  • National Diploma in Dance Teaching (second-year level);
  • Master of Music in Organ Performance (fifth-year level).

student capacity 2018-2019

  • 311 students in art, design and graphic design;
  • 400 students in the fine arts department enrolled in public classes;
  • 120 students in music and dance;
  • 100 interns in the performing arts department in non-qualifying ongoing training or VAE candidates (validation of work experience and non-formal learning).

consultation and funding bodies

The isdaT is managed by a board of directors presided by Catherine Blanc, the municipal councillor of the Toulouse city council in charge of culture. The board of directors deliberates on all questions pertaining to the operation of the institution and particularly the general orientation of the institution’s policy, the study regulations, the general internal regulations, the budget and accounting, etc. Its composition is inscribed within the statutes of the institution.

The Board of Education and Student Activities meets every 3 months and deals with questions related to the pedagogy of the establishment, to student activities, and to the school’s overall mission and its fulfilment. The composition of the board is laid down in the statues and, besides the management team, associates representatives from partner organisations, teachers, assistants, students and non-teaching staff.

The Scientific Board is a shared consultative organism of isdaT. Its composition is laid down in the statues of the institution. It comprises teacher and student representatives and external personalities. The Board is consulted regarding training programmes, research projects, and projects concerning the modification or creation of diplomas.

The Technical Committee has jurisdiction in terms of the organisation and operation of services, staff training, hygiene and security, employment conditions and human resources policy. It meets three times a year.

  • calendrier
  • Opening days 2020: Friday 28th and Saturday 29th February 2020

Vue de Toulouse

isdaT beaux-arts, cour d'Honneur

isdaT beaux-arts, verrière

isdaT beaux-arts, façade © Franck Alix

isdaT beaux-arts, Palais des arts © Franck Alix

Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines © Franck Alix

Studios de danse Saint-Pierre des Cuisines

Auditorium et studios de danse Saint-Pierre des Cuisines © W-Architectures

CRR de Toulouse, annexe de la Vache